Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Legend of the WHU-SHU (not a chinese legend)


How often do you really sinned at social medias?
Are we really that sinners?

The Vatican has issued a decree, announcing that the Pope would give 'plenary indulgences', which reduce the time spent in purgatory for sins committed.
And for the first time, Catholics who follow the World Youth Day services on the radio, TV or on the Pope's Twitter account can also gain an indulgence.
Monsignor John Kennedy told Vatican Radio that indulgences referred to God's kindness in forgiving the effects of sins.
"They are linked to a theme that Pope Francis has spoken very frequently about since the moment of his election - that is to say, to the gift of God's mercy."
The decree also offers a partial indulgence during World Youth Day celebrations every time Catholics offer a "fervent prayer" to God.

using media as a tool is a great way to reach everyone...
but a this tools are also used.. or rather people now a days used it for their sins or an accessory to it. 
so which one is it? 
i met a few people who do? 
and yet call them man of God. 
really cant tell now a days who's who.

If you can't tell nowadays Who is Who--      it's called FAITH.